Other plant based programmes

Written by plantbased

It’s awesome seeing translations of research from the medical and nutrition fields into more palatable web content. We’re also seeing more information coming out from documentaries – which makes for a lot more enjoyable learning than reading medical research papers.

If anyone was to ask me: What programmes are any good? I’d answer essentially the same way: if it’s plant based it’s a good start. Not all programmes are created equally, and you have to be a bit discerning. The main problem I see with courses is far too much time spent on why. The people running the course have their wires crossed here – the person has come to the page to try a programme, not to hear why they should try a programme. They don’t need much to convince them to get started, and after this they want to know what to do. Our website was started after the incredible results we saw with the BROAD study that we ran. Our work is based off research as much as possible (including our own), and also from working with thousands of patients and seeing what works. I give different advice to each patient, but often find the themes of what I’m saying are the same. If you’re wondering what those themes are, then watch the course we’ve made and you’ll see.

I have huge respect for people without a medical or science background who are working to filter through the research and come up with something that works. However, I’ve seen some pretty disastrous stuff, after all it is the internet. Ask yourself: has this person done any research before? Do they understand the ins and outs of evaluating this? Or are they just cherry-picking one liners and copying and pasting them as gospel? Having a critical eye on what is useful is very important otherwise you will get waylaid into things that are a waste of your time.

I do reflect on our own programme and I feel like it serves a niche better than other programmes out there, we’re focusing on the how-to rather than any other main focus. There is a whole section dedicated to the why this works, but this is more to add understanding to how to make and sustain changes. We’ve also given equal weighting to planning ahead for difficult situations; how to order food, what to say when someone starts asking difficult questions about your ‘crazy’ diet, how to avoid confrontation here. I haven’t seen any other programme that does this. Most of the time people go full steam ahead into arguments, lecturing others about where to get calcium etc, which is EXACTLY what we teach to you avoid. There are better things to do with your time. You make changes and be the best example you can for other people.

When evaluating programmes:
– Are they trained experts? What qualifications do they have?
– Have they worked with patients solving similar problems to the ones you are facing?
– Is this person just trying to get famous?
– What is the cost of the programme(s)?
– Do they donate any money to research or charity?
– Have your had a good look through their resources before deciding to buy it?

Dr Nick Wright