Plant Based Heroes Dr Michael Greger

Written by plantbased

Dr Michael Greger is a vocationally trained (been through the training programme) General Practitioner and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. He has founded and, wow, has he made his mark in medicine! I’ve been regularly watching his video content that he and his army of volunteers and colleagues produce, and I’m really pleased that he has achieved such great success. The videos are of excellent quality, great visuals, pithy, and factual (as an audio and videophile I applaud the quality). He clearly references peer-reviewed studies, highlighting inconsistencies where needed, and helps people to learn more about the simple truth behind plant-based diets. All content available is free to view.

Of all the different people working in the plant-based world, I think Dr Greger has had by far the greatest success in translating the work and research into palatable chunks. This is reflected by the huge amount of viewers for his website (83 million at the time of writing).

Truly heroic efforts, and something that has made the most difference of anyone to the health of other people. Work that deserves huge commendation. To Dr Greger, one of our heroes.

Dr Nick Wright