Many of our favourite plant-based books, DVDs, magazines, and websites. 

A huge tribute to all of the amazing physicians and academics who have put such a large amount of work into their field in order to create these excellent resources. We are honoured to call many of these scientists our friends and colleagues.


Science books

Psychology and motivation

Environmental awareness


An important note for those with heart disease
All of the cookbooks we promote are vegan, but not all are very low fat. For those with heart disease, we recommend The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook or Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (which has half of the book dedicated to recipes) as these are 100% aligned with the very low fat version of the plant based lifestyle which has been shown by Dr Esselstyn to get optimal results. Note that The Starch Solution and The Campbell Plan (and several other books listed above) have dedicated sections at the end of the book for recipes and meal planning.





Esteem Dynamics
Dr Doug Lisle is a PhD in psychology. His website has videos that really help you focus on how to be happy and healthy. A must visit.

Centre for Nutrition Studies
Dr T. Colin Campbell, PhD, runs a nutrition course via eCornell learning. It also offers a blog, recipes and other information.
Lots of interesting, short videos on plant based diets from Dr Michael Greger and his army of volunteers.

True North Health Centre
Drs Alan Goldhamer and Jennifer Marano set up True North to help people with transitioning to a whole-food, plant based diet. They advocate fasting and are leaders in this area. Dr Lisle has been the clinical psychologist at the TrueNorth Health Center for over 30 years

Dr McDougall’s website
John and Mary McDougall have been leaders in the plant-based diet for decades. Dr McDougall’s website has some of the most tangible recommendations for those who are looking for specific medical information.

Dr Esselstyn’s website
Dr Esselstyn and his wife Ann have been pioneers with the strict no oil, whole food plant based lifestyle approach that has been so successful with demonstrating reversal of atherosclerosis.

Naked food magazine
A stylish, high-gloss magazine for a professional take on plant based living.

Forks over knives
The website for the documentary, with recipes.

Plant positive
The 101+ reasons why not to do a paleo diet. Very thorough debunking of the “paleolithic diet” myths.

This group are well-known within New Zealand for their animal advocacy, and provide a free online vegetarian starter pack.