We help you get started with our Fundamentals section

We explain plant-based eating, help you overhaul your kitchen, and provide great meal ideas.

Then you have our four pillars for healthy living:


Eat info

Learn which foods are healthy and why, and how you can make all of your favourite foods using healthier ingredients.

This section has meal plans and plenty of recipe ideas.
Lessons include:

  • Stocking my pantry
  • Getting creative
  • Travel and restaurants​


Move info

Videos give you your own personal trainer to show you how to create your own workouts (including workouts you can do at home!), as well as tips on how to get motivated and get you moving!

Lessons include:

  • Overcoming common barriers
  • How to workout at home
  • Full body training


Live info

A doctor explains common obesity-related diseases and teaches you the science behind optimal health.

Lessons include:

  • Being overweight is not your fault
  • Metabolism of carbohydrates and fats
  • How a plant based diet prevents (and reverses) heart disease


Think info

Learn how to make lasting change by using the principles of behavioural psychology, as well as how to deal with others’ reactions to your changes

Lessons include:

  • Making it stick
  • Getting others on board
  • What to do you when you are stressed

We’ve got multiple programmes; both short and to the point, and a bit longer and more thorough. Our programmes which bring a fresh approach to helping you with your lifestyle change. We’ll teach you how to make delicious new meals, how to save time, and avoid unnecessary conflict.

As experienced professionals currently working in the field of lifestyle change, we know what works and what doesn’t. We practice using evidence-based approaches, and will help arm you with the toolkit you need to separate real health information from the junk and fads.