The rise of plant-based

Written by plantbased

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” is paraphrased [read: misquoted] from Victor Hugo, but it serves our purposes here. Plant-based dietary patterns are truly beginning to get recognition on a large scale, in the media, in New Zealand, and abroad. I remember when I started my whole food plant-based journey almost ten years ago how much of an outcast this idea was in New Zealand. I’d have people stare at me like I had a tattoo on my forehead. Talking to doctors, or dieticians about it was particularly difficult at times.

Thankfully, ideas change and society has come a long way. As a whole the idea of a plant-based diet being healthy is almost taken for granted nowadays. This has happened more quickly than I thought, and at this current rate of change I think we will see the potential for a large disruption to our traditional food systems happening. I can’t see a whole society change to the point where everyone is eating whole plant foods the majority of the time, but I can see a changing landscape that is starting to demand responses to address our poor health status. Never before have people been so obese! This is why we are seeing the rise of options that help cure this tide of disease.

The research is clear: A diet based around whole plant foods offers more for health promotion and disease prevention than any other approach.