Who doesn’t have an opinion on diet?

Written by plantbased

No one can know everything and as such we defer to experts for their opinions on many important topics. My question is how do we determine who is an expert? Further questions arise, like how do we decide on the accuracy of what they’re saying?

If a heart surgeon were to talk to you about an operation, chances are that you would not have many opinions on how they should do this, the correct approach, or the science behind it. Yet when we talk about diet, immediately this becomes a personal discussion. You have a lifetime of experience in eating. You know what you like and don’t, and will have very strong opinions on food. However, just as behind the scenes there is generally a consensus on what is a good approach for heart surgery, there is a scientific consensus for what an ideal diet is. It is our hope that we can keep these discussions as objective as possible. This is what we’ve tried to do with our website. Watch our videos, read the blogs, we’ve tried to lay out our arguments as clearly as possible.

Dr Nick Wright